She came to him at night. At first he saw her moon cast shadow. Then her delicate legs from the vantage point of the kitchen floor. Then as she walked into the room he saw her tail trailing behind her. It was full and alive, and it was beautiful. There was no doubt that it was an integral part of her. Its end troubled him. It looked like an arrow head covered with delicate pink skin. It reminded him too much of a daemon's tail he had seen in a wood cut imprint.

He looked up, he saw her thighs and loins above him. Then he looking further up, to her hips and navel. Her nipples, playful and erect, they taunted him so. Finally he looked to her pixie face. She smiled her sassy smile down at him. The moonlight illuminated her pointy little ears. They stood out against her burning red hair. Even the dark of night couldn't tame her hair. Given the slightest glow of moon light from the window, her hair lit up the night.

She slid down onto him. With one deft, seamless move, she was lying beside him under his covers. She touched his skin. Then she lay on top of him. He felt the whole of her body. Her loins were on fire. He felt the moisture from between her legs as his now stiff member lay nestled between her thighs ever so close to her delta.

"It's been so long," he started to apologize as his male pushed between her thighs and against her pussy. "It's been years. I haven't -"

She pushed her fingers against his lips. "Shhhh," she mouthed, but made no sound.

"Even before I became a priest and took celibacy vows - I never had a way with the girls, I - I -"

Again, the silent "Shhhh."

She positioned herself over him and quickly guided him into her. She was so small, but oh so wet. He slid right into her. He felt how tight she was, and how hot. It felt like he filled up her entire body cavity. She squirmed and gyrated with joy.

"It's been so long. So, so long since ..." he felt he was crying uncontrollably. She kissed away his tears. She gave him the pleasures of the body which he had pushed aside and shunned all his life. It felt so good to have a woman's body against his. She lay against him as she rubbed herself up and down along his body. Her nipples ground against his chest. "So, so long. You can't imagine how long it's been." He felt the tears cascade down his cheeks. Tears of joy. Or were they tears of regret. She kissed him on the cheek, licking up his tears. He tried to imagine what their salty taste would be like to her. Then the walls of her pussy tightened up against his hard cock and she grabbed two fistfuls of his chest hairs as she began her climax.

"I'm going to orgasm!" he thought as she tightened her inner walls around him. He could not control himself. "Oh no, I can't!" Then he felt himself coming, felt the hot gush of his semen fill her. He grabbed her bottom and ground her against him even tighter.

- - -

He opened his eyes. He was lying on the kitchen floor, alone. His hand was holding onto his member, now growing small. His fingers were covered with ejaculate. So was his night gown and the spare blanket. Silence thundered through the church as he lay there with the goo all over his hands.

"It was so real," he muttered as he realized it was just a dream. He felt tears run down his cheek.