Windows 8, continued

It’s been a while since the last entry. I just got Windows up and running last night; around 1:00 AM. It wasn’t the keyboard and mouse, that was bs. The problem was that Windows 8 uses a different standard for it’s boot sector than Vista or Win 7. Mac does say it supports Vista and Win 7, but there’s so many instructions on the web for ignoring that warning and installing Windows 8.

So when Bootcamp couldn’t find a disk with the boot sector it was looking for I got this:



Select CD-ROM Boot Type:

I discovered that I had to create an .iso file from the install disk with the 9660 specifications. Googling the error comes up with lots of advice. This page sums it up:

Or this one:

although the directions are mostly correct, they still involved some headscratching, especially when it comes to creating a boot image off the Win 8 disk. Where I’m supposed to have selected Bootimage.ima, the only file it found was Just for laughs I selected it, created and .iso and then burned a dvd from that.

Wonder of wonders, no more Select CD-ROM Boot Type: message. I saw the annoying windows icon, it was actually booting up in windows!!! It asked me the usual bunch of questions and it was on its way.

The progress bar sat at 2% complete for an hour, then I saw it change to 3%. And it sat there for over 4 hours. I was beginning to think there was something wrong, being late at night, I decided to continue in the morning. But a few hours later, there it was. My Mac rebooted and was sitting in Mac mode. Restarted in Windows and the installation completed.


Now comes to the reason for this whole head-banging exercise. I connected the Asus Xtion Pro Live and loaded the installation disk. I clicked install, nothing happened. (?) Something was supposed to have happened! Not another 2 weeks of digging, I hope not.


Just to try things out, I installed the Scenect software from Faro. Started a new project and WOW!!! the camera started plotting my living room. It works, it works, it works!

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