It’s been a long while

I didn’t completely disappear.
It only looks that way.
I lost my basement work room, hence my 3D printer, my Raspberry Pi’s, my Arduino robot projects, and all my other fun things which make me who I am, got boxed up.

Then I got sick, very sick. Struggled with kidney disease for over two years. Got progressively worse. By now, I think I’ve bottomed out and starting to climb back up to “normal”. Also, I’m close to the top on the transplant list — send your thoughts my way.

There was a move from one house to another. This happened between four emergency room visits, three of which ended with hospitalizations. Kudos to my family for bearing the brunt of the move.

Everything is still in boxes. Well mostly everything. Three months after the move and only now am I starting to unbox and sort out the electronics and robotics.

Just before my 3D printer got boxed, a heated bed arrived. Now, I think I see a few hours here and there, between everything else in life, to configure the heated bed with my printer. Also, in the works is a Raspberry Pi interface with Octoprint + a pi-cam, to observe the print in progress.

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