When your printer stops working

Yes, my printer stopped working from one day to the next.

Being a real noob in electronics, I was at a loss as to where to start. I had a few email conversations with Type A Machines tech support, they were as helpful as they could be not having the machine with them to analyze.

The suggestion was the power supply. It did seem dead when I put a meter across it, so I ordered a new one of the same make/model. When that arrived, that also had no power on it.

Time passes.

A buddy helped me trace the problem down to the switch/socket.

I ordered a new one. Time passes.

A thought occurred to me and I put the bad switch across my multi-meter for a continuity test. The switch worked. It was the “hot” a/c wire that died.

I replaced the 2″ piece of wire. Re-assembled the switch. The printer now works again.

Re-assembled the back panel. I now have a dozen screws left over. Reminds me of my first sports car.

Story over… I don’t know if I’ve learned any lessons from this.

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