Glue! Glue! Glorious White Glue!

PLA users, are you having trouble getting your work to stick? Do corners come lose and curl up even before ten layers are lain? Ready to chuck it all!

I have found an ingenuous solution. Just like ABS slurry for ABS builds, add white glue on your build platform seconds before your print starts.

Yes, white glue. Sold under the name Elmer’s Glue All Multipurpose Glue, and also under various generic names. I’ve only used Elmer’s so can only attest to that.

My heated print bed, being home made, never hit temperatures greater than 50 celcius (more like 45 max most of the time). It never heated to the prescribed 60 c.

But that’s is enough if I add white glue to the process.

Get your bed freshly leveled and calibrated. Have a layer of blue painter’s tape – doesn’t even have to be fresh with each and every build. Heat your be up and send your job to the printer. As the PLA is priming (about 20 seconds before the build starts), cover your approximate build area with a generous layer of goopy, gooey white glue. Rub it even with your finger. Don’t worry about the bed being too hot, you can take it for a few moments.

Don’t do it too soon because the glue will dry to a hard, crisp surface. That will be counter-productive to your efforts. Don’t use too much or too little. Feel out how much is right.

Thus far, I had no problems removing, projects from the bed when finished. The latest one I printed, did require a bit of an effort, prying the work off with a razor blade. But that piece was somewhat larger than others that came before.

Good luck. I want to know from those out there if you’ve tried my white glue method and if it works for you.

Right now everything is on hold. My printer died the other day and I am in the process of troubleshooting what’s wrong. So, no prints in the near future for me.


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