then something happened

I’m sure it happened to everyone, and it happened to me for the first time. I was just too depressed to blog about it until now.

The print job froze at about 15 hours into the print.IMAG0119

I’m not sure what happened. There’s a probability it could have been my computer, not the printer. A few minutes before the printer froze, I had an unusual problem with the USB keyboard and mouse failing. I unplugged them and plugged them back and the problem went away. The printer was plugged into the next USB port. Could it have been my iMac overheated after 16 hours of processing? I will have to keep an eye on it and report any further developments. Perhaps a stand-alone fan might help(?)

Oh, also notice the print bed in the above image. It’s my new aluminum bed. I swapped out the Plexi bed. Next step is to wire up a power supply and wire up the heating elements. Should be golden after that.powersupplyOpen

Here’s an old computer power supply I’m messing with . There are the instructions for turning it into a lab power supply:

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  1. matt says:

    great blog, i am just jumping into the pool also, good luck!

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