A quick post about Sketchup vs. Blender.

I’ve been duteously studying Blender from an on-line course mentioned in a previous post. The huge learning curve  makes it daunting to go from concept to a 3D model quickly.

I don’t know about you, but I got my 3D printer to print stuff I need. Understood, that there is a learning curve. Understood that I need to pick up multiple disciplines rapidly to make my efforts worthwhile.  With the aforementioned in mind, I decided to give Google Sketchup another try.

I watched 4 tutorial videos that are linked to from the Sketchup splash screen, then I started making my model. This is the “hole” which needs to be filled in on my aluminum print bed which was cut in the wrong location.


One issue, Sketchup doesn’t export to the .stl format — a must for the 3D tool chain. (More on the tool chain on a later post.)

Fortunately there is a plugin for that.  Go to:

Instead of me repeating the instructions here, just go to the page and follow the instructions presented there. If you have the latest version of Sketchup, you’ll follow the “Sketchup 8 maintenance release 2″ path.


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