The only thing between me and printing is a 25 X 33 cm piece of plastic

That would be my print bed.

I sent it to a shop to have duplicated in aluminum. They finished the job in a week, but when I went to pick it up, I found that I gave them the wrong position for two holes. I was off by 1 cm on each.

My fault.

I asked them to drill the holes in the right place, but that’ll leave two unwanted holes in my new pristine print bed. I’m so angry at myself.

It should be ready by now.  I’ll have to lean on them if those 2 holes are not drilled by tomorrow.

Other news:

3D meetup in Cambridge in 2 weeks at Microsoft’s research lab. Topic to be Kinect and scanning. Can hardly wait.

I’ve spent the last weekend taking an on-line Blender course. I’ve gone through the Youtube tutorials offered by but they haven’t sunk in to wooden head somehow. This course offered though iTunesU. Go to iTunes. Find iTunes U / Search Colleges and Universities – Tufts University / Subscribe to “3D Design – Blender. You can also find the material at

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