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Uploaded all my offline log entries to this blog. I plan to keep this updated in a timely manner as I venture into uncharted territory (uncharted at least for me).

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Was at 2nd of four Raspberry Pi classes. Thinking of turning my Pi into a dedicated temperature monitor & thermostat contol. At first I thought of doing it for the house, but now I’m thinking of adding it to my … Continue reading

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Heated print bed

Thinking about heater beds since the Series 1 doesn’t come with one. Looked at various upgrade kits on line & recipes to build one. Then I thought about an outdoor floodlight. I wonder if that’ll generate 50° c? Found a … Continue reading

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Tried: wine msiexec /i OpenNI-Windows-x64-2.1.0.msi Returned: fixme:storage:create_storagefile Storage share mode not implemented. Threw a new question out on the Wine board, still no answer to previous questions. Giving up on Wine.

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Printer Order

Ordered Type A Series 1 printer for $1,400 & shipping $120 = $1,520  

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Wine. Can’t run Skanect under Wine, getting wine: Invalid handle. Threw a question to one of Wine forums, see what I’ll get back. Otherwise doing taxes today. They’re due on Monday, great!

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Wine. Apparently Wine lets Unix and Linux users run windows programs without an emulator or the need to have Windows installed at all on your box. And since the Mac has Unix under the covers … There’s lots of directions … Continue reading

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Discovered Skanect. Another windows-only program. Boo-hiss. Downloaded it from and watched the quick youtube intro I perched my Xtion scanner on top of my Mac, put the keyboard and mouse on a chair beside me and hit scan. … Continue reading

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Artisan’s Asylum

Went to 3D printer course at Artisan’s Asylum. Fantastic printer they have, a Stratasys uPrint SE Plus. Still it can take upwards of 3, to 10 hours to print something. It was a class of 6. We went through setting … Continue reading

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Can’t wait for 3D printer course. Found slic3r. A program to turn your .stl files into gcode. Read the instructions and sounds simple enough. Then found a discussion on the Series 1 forum, maybe not so easy after all. Some … Continue reading

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