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Catching up

Catching up for week. Had Blender for a while. Wasn’t up to the learning curve. But started the intro tutorials. Maybe I can do this. Also downloaded Google Sketchup and watched a few tutorials there too. Both have potential. Signed … Continue reading

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Looking around on thingiverse, found design for carousel. Yippie, first thing I’m going to print out. Been browsing thingiverse. Most definitely decided most of the things I have to do, I’ll have to disign myself.

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A bad carousel

Got a carousel from one of the Amazon shops for $22. What a piece of cheap crap. Besides which, it didn’t work. Sent it back. (Planned to use it as a stable platform to scan small objects without having to … Continue reading

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Scenect from Faro. Still have not been able to scan in one object completely and get a point cloud image. Always losing tracking. Software often freezes. Perhaps mounting object on a carousel and rotating it slowly, instead of walking around … Continue reading

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Windows 8, continued

It’s been a while since the last entry. I just got Windows up and running last night; around 1:00 AM. It wasn’t the keyboard and mouse, that was bs. The problem was that Windows 8 uses a different standard for … Continue reading

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