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Wine. Can’t run Skanect under Wine, getting wine: Invalid handle. Threw a question to one of Wine forums, see what I’ll get back. Otherwise doing taxes today. They’re due on Monday, great!

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Wine. Apparently Wine lets Unix and Linux users run windows programs without an emulator or the need to have Windows installed at all on your box. And since the Mac has Unix under the covers … There’s lots of directions … Continue reading

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Discovered Skanect. Another windows-only program. Boo-hiss. Downloaded it from and watched the quick youtube intro I perched my Xtion scanner on top of my Mac, put the keyboard and mouse on a chair beside me and hit scan. … Continue reading

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Windows 8, continued

It’s been a while since the last entry. I just got Windows up and running last night; around 1:00 AM. It wasn’t the keyboard and mouse, that was bs. The problem was that Windows 8 uses a different standard for … Continue reading

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Windows 8

Windows 8 was waiting in the mailbox for me when I got home. Started Bootcamp which downloaded Apple Windows support software. Wouldn’t fit on a 1GB pen drive. Had to use my 4GB. Bloat! Bloat! Bloat! Repartitioned disk, adding a … Continue reading

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Xtion Pro Live and Windows 8

Received Asus Xtion Pro Live 3D camera. Being a Mac user it’s frustrating I can’t use it right away. After checking box for contents, it went on the shelf. Can’t wait for copy of Window’s 8 to arrive. $182.98 including … Continue reading

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